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Welcome FitLeader!

I’m excited you’re here.  

My name is Ken Li.  My job as a life coach is to help amazing people like you lead extraordinary lives.

If you want assistance with any of the following skills, let’s talk:

  • Achieve extraordinary goals
  • Build a resilient mindset
  • Develop your emotional maturity
Or if you have challenges in any of the following areas, let’s talk:
  • Too much to do in too little time
  • Feel like things are out of your control
  • Deep down inside, you have this empty feeling

Even if you don’t have any idea what you want, let’s have a conversation to figure out what you do want.


If you’re interested in striving for greatness and rejecting mediocrity, click below.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ken as my life coach this past year, and my introduction to him came at a fortuitous time. I was experiencing a rut as a senior-level professional — despite having ambitious goals for myself and my company — and I was unconsciously allowing the stresses of work to negatively impact my personal relationships and well-being. 

Each session with Ken is objective-driven, where he helped me to crystalize meaningful life goals and develop a realistic roadmap to achieve them. In addition, Ken methodically unraveled my behavioral/thought patterns that not only were unwittingly toxic, but also would have been difficult to realize on my own. After some time, I noticed that I’m much more adept at addressing all my self-inflicted mental traps, which allowed me to grow in my career and social life. And Ken helped me do all of this while maintaining a high degree of grace and professionalism.”