Take Back
of Your Life

Hi friend, if you’re a second-generation Asian American who hates (or at least dislikes) your job and has no clue what to do about it, you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Ken Li. Like you, I was born to Asian parents who emigrated to the U.S. They had high expectations for their only child. They put me through four years of math and science camps, borrowed SAT books from the library, and explicitly stated, “Ken, you must get an Ivy League education.”

As a result, I wound up in a career that was not of my own choosing. Depressed, dejected, and dismayed, I tried many ways to find happiness. I read “What Should I Do With My Life?” Twice. Nothing worked.

Until I hired a life coach. She helped me shift my mindset. She showed me that I had all the answers.

Now, I want to help others in the same way. I designed a mind-blowing life coaching program specifically for people like you. People who are sick of being stuck in a rut and are desperately searching for a way out.

This program might be right for you if you fit any of these criteria:

  • Have a job (or a life), but kinda hate it
  • You feel you’re at the mercy of others – your colleagues, your boss, your family
  • Don’t know how to find your passion or purpose in life
  • Expect more out of life, but don’t how to create it

My program will fill you to the brim with joy, purpose, and direction.

Specifically, my program will help you:

  • Break free from your current situation
  • Gain power over your life regardless of external forces
  • Discover what you truly want
  • Create an exciting, more promising future (and LOL again)


If you’re interested in taking control of your life instead of watching it pass you by, click below.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ken as my life coach this past year, and my introduction to him came at a fortuitous time. I was experiencing a rut as a senior-level professional — despite having ambitious goals for myself and my company — and I was unconsciously allowing the stresses of work to negatively impact my personal relationships and well-being. Furthermore, as an Asian-American, it was difficult for me to even entertain the prospect of seeking outside guidance. But after some deliberation, I decided to take more charge of my life through life coaching.

Each session with Ken is objective-driven, where he helped me to crystalize meaningful life goals and develop a realistic roadmap to achieve them. In addition, Ken methodically unraveled my behavioral/thought patterns that not only were unwittingly toxic, but also would have been difficult to realize on my own. After some time, I noticed that I’m much more adept at addressing all my self-inflicted mental traps, which allowed me to grow in my career and social life. And Ken helped me do all of this while maintaining a high degree of grace and professionalism.