Take Back
of Your Career

Hi friend, if you’re stuck at your job and have no clue what to do about it, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got you.

  • Do you look successful on the outside, but feel sad on the inside?
  • Do you want to speak up more, stop taking criticism so darn personally, and earn what you deserve?
  • Do you crave more joy and fulfillment in your career (and life)?
My name is Ken Li. In my 25+ year career as a scientist and then as a public relations professional, I’ve experienced all of the above. Sure, some of my unhappiness was because my skills and interests didn’t align with my professional choices. 

But then I learned the cause of most of my unhappiness when I hired a life coach.

I learned that the main thing causing me to be stuck was me. More specifically, my perspective. Once I started to learn more about who I was and how I perceived the world, things started to click. It was like my glasses were dirty and now I could see more clearly. 

Once I shifted my mindset, I started making better decisions and taking control of my career and life…for the first time. 

I believe that’s what you want.  

  • To know why you’re stuck in your career 
  • To start retaking control 
  •  To move forward with joy and purpose and unleash your true potential

I designed this program for you.

I will show you why you are stuck, less confident, and unfulfilled. I’ll help you retrain your brain so you can make decisions that best serve you. Finally, I’ll help you develop a plan that will provide you with clarity and direction to take charge of your career.

And I will teach you step by step so you can do it for yourself.

Because life will continue to happen to you. And you’ll need to be ready to meet the next set of challenges in order to grow and expand.


If you’re interested in taking control of your career instead of watching it pass you by, click below.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Ken as my life coach this past year, and my introduction to him came at a fortuitous time. I was experiencing a rut as a senior-level professional — despite having ambitious goals for myself and my company — and I was unconsciously allowing the stresses of work to negatively impact my personal relationships and well-being. 

Each session with Ken is objective-driven, where he helped me to crystalize meaningful life goals and develop a realistic roadmap to achieve them. In addition, Ken methodically unraveled my behavioral/thought patterns that not only were unwittingly toxic, but also would have been difficult to realize on my own. After some time, I noticed that I’m much more adept at addressing all my self-inflicted mental traps, which allowed me to grow in my career and social life. And Ken helped me do all of this while maintaining a high degree of grace and professionalism.”